WHY JOIN SUREBET247 AGENCY NETWORKSurebet247, the innovative and leading sports betting platform that offers you the opportunity to run your own successful business, become your own boss and earn a steady income as one of our trusted sales outlets. We are committed to providing you with all a proven product range, necessary tools, expert training, and a dedicated support team every step of the way.We distinguish ourselves based on product offerings, revenue share model and unique bonuses given to our partners and operational support to help you start a profitable operation. 
We are offering customers the opportunity to play on over 20,000 events a month, providing unique bonuses on every game play and the best odds on all sports both Prematch and Live match. We guarantee easy sales from our product vertical and lucrative revenue share scheme by running your own betting shops with us.
Shop Requirement:Basic Needs / requirement for your betting shops:
  • markerStart Up Capital: Initial deposit of a minimum of N30,000 to be credited into your account.
  • markerShop Requirements: Must have a minimum size of 10ft by 12ft, which can be located in a busy area.
  • markerEquipment: You must have at least 3 laptops or desktop computers, 2 TVs, thermal printers, a generator set, and a stable and fast Internet service in your shop.
  • markerBranding: Your new shop must be painted in the official Surebet247 colours to maintain consistency and brand recognition.
Bonus Reward:
  • fuel-icon
    Fuel BonusOver ₦40,000As a Surebet247 agent, you have the potential to earn free performance fuel bonus and paper roll by trading regularly during your first 12 weeks. This weekly bonus is a fantastic way to jumpstart your business and increase your income. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!
  • user-icon
    Cashier BonusOver ₦10,000In addition, cashiers have the opportunity to earn free weekly bonuses based on their performance in the shop. We strongly believe in providing proper compensation for loyalty and hard work. We reward cashiers as they play an integral part of our growth.
  • shop-icon
    Sport & Virtual BonusOver ₦50,000Sportsbook Bonus offers you the opportunity to earn an even more...The program is designed to assist you in maintaining a stable performance in your weekly sports sales. We consider your contributions and performance, and your reward is directly linked to your sales turnover.
For more information kindly call 01-8870999 (7 days a week, 8:00 am to 21:00 pm) or fill in and submit the registration form.
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5 easy step to joining Surebet247:
  • 1Filling in an online form (agent.surebet247.com) or Submission of documentation to any surebet247 principal agent in your area.
  • 2Visitation of location and document verification by our team.
  • 3Confirmation of premises and Signing of the agent contract.
  • 4Allocation of area manager contact and display of brand surebet247 marketing materials.
  • 5You are ready to go live and start profiting with help from our professional support team 247.
Interested in our unique process and our agency concept?
Then contact us via our registration form or call us on 01-8870999 (7 days a week, 8:00 am to 21:00 pm) or email us on [email protected]
It’s not a secret anymore…. We offer talk about the town revenue share model and benefit, ask any surebet247 agent about our model. With pre-match and live sport offering, multiple virtual games and retail slot products to all agents … success is guaranteed.Our Benefit is to create a comprehensive rewards system that incentivizes agents to grow their business, perform well, generate sales, and contribute to the overall success of the company.We will only profitable when you are successful…

• New Agents Welcome Bonus:

Newly registered agents are eligible for a welcome bonus of up to N5,000 every week for the first few months.

• New Shop Promo Special:

New shops will have the opportunity to earn promotional bonuses within their first two weeks of acceptance. Agents receive vouchers for their customers, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

• Weekly Sports Commission:

Weekly Sports Commission: Agents earn a highly competitive commission rate on sports bets, ranging from 1% to 40% per ticket.This commission rate is the highest in the industry. Agents receive commissions for every registered bet slip, regardless of the outcome.

• Weekly Virtual Games Commission:

Surebet247 offers a tiered commission structure up to 10% of weekly sales on for Virtual League and Number Game sales. Higher sales leading to higher commissions.This motivates agents to generate more sales and rewards their success.

• Weekly Sports Bonus:

Agents can qualify for a weekly bonus by staking a minimum amount and remaining active for X-number of days. Even if they don't meet the target, agents still receive a bonus amount.This additional incentive encourages agents to participate actively.

• Monthly Sports Bonus:

We reward agents based on their contribution to the company's profitability. Surebet247 agents are eligible for a monthly sports bonus payment,which is 30% of the profit generated by the shop at the end of the month.

• Weekly Virtual Games Fuel Bonus::

Agents achieving high sales volumes in virtual games can earn a weekly bonus of up to N40,000.The bonus amount increases proportionally to the sales volumes generated by agents, providing a direct incentive for agents to excel in their sales efforts.

• Weekly Cashier Bonus:

Surebet247 aims to motivate and compensate cashiers of agents who excel in virtual sales.Cashiers receive a weekly bonus amount up to N10,000 that varies based on the sales volume.

• Shop to Online Monthly Commission:

Agents receive a monthly commission calculated as 25% of the net profit, accrued from all the retail to online players registered under them.This provides agents with a steady income stream from their shop players, that also play online.

• Jackpot Boost:

Agents operating Surebet247 shops can earn bonuses when specific jackpots drop in their shops.They receive a 10% bonus of all jackpot amount, while customers still receive 100% of their jackpot winnings.

• Agent of the Month:

The Surebet247 MVP Award recognizes agents who have made a significant impact on the company's success in terms of sales, customer experience, and accountability.

More benefits:

• Zero liability or risk to any agent from all winning bets

• Competitive odds-on sports and up to 10,000 odds on Correct Score for virtual product

• High selection per betslip (up to 40 games)

• Constant development of new and exciting features.

• Up to 50million winnings per ticket.

• Banners, flyers, Wristbands, baseball caps, etc.

• Free Equipment: decoders, 3-Ways LNB, satellite dish with installation kits

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